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Use Case

Smart Contract Development

Infinity Velocity blockchain specialists provide you with a perfect and secured smart contract development provider aligned with your business  desires.

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Wallet Development

and Integration

Our wallet development team's expertise has extensive experience in developing decentralized crypto wallets for use in Blockchain projects, Defi platforms and DEXs. We provide cost-effective deployment of payment solutions with seamless integration for your business.




Our dApp development experts stay updated on emerging Crypto trends to help assess your idea's potential "success" and help you choose the right blockchain platform for development.

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We make sure that our STOs support liquidity of assets and wider availability of finance with the combination of the technology of blockchain and requirements of regulated securities markets.

Public Blockchain Dev't. Service

Public Blockchain Development Service

A public blockchain is a disbursed virtual ledger that runs on a peer-to-peer network, allowing all participants to get admission to, read, and commit the facts. At Infinity Velocity, we provide public blockchain development services which might be utilized in a huge range of industries, bringing in transparency and operational efficiency to your commercial enterprise.

How Tokenization Transforms Business Operation 


A public blockchain network is absolutely open for everyone to take part in the network as the ledger is shared and on hand at any time. That creates full transparency and traceability in a shared community system.

Transaction Efficiency

The transaction procedure on a public blockchain network is noticeably speedy, accurate, and dependable owing to the combination of smart contracts and the decentralized structure.

Budget Efficiency

The decentralized nature of the general public blockchain community gets rid of the    third-party intermediaries involved in the post trading process, which saves extra costs for the business.

Top Security

It’s not possible to manipulate the network as the general public blockchain is highly comfy with the record-preserving systems as soon as the transactions are recorded, there may be no manner to regulate or delete them.

Steps in Tokenization

Step 1

Picture Business Goal


• Conduct a complete analysis of the business desires and 

   requirements to assess if blockchain era is required for your 

   commercial enterprise.

Step 2

Blockchain Ideation

• Perform evaluation, prioritization for experimenting with blockchain
• Prepare a roadmap for the assignment
• Design a conceptual workflow
• Define to broaden the challenge on permissioned or

   permissionless network.

Step 3

Proof of Concept Development



• Exhibit the feasibility of your idea with a evidence of concept,

   that could either be a theoretical blueprint or a prototype.

Step 4

Blockchain Network &
Consensus Mechanism


• Define whether or not a public or a non-public blockchain

   could be a higher fit on your business desires.
• Pick the right consensus mechanism to decide the drift of


Step 5

Development and Deployment


• As soon as everything is described, we move into developing

   your blockchain solution.
• After the answer is advanced and tested thoroughly, it will

   likely be deployed to the customer.

Step 6

Upgrades and Maintenance



• Collect all your remarks and requirements for in addition

   improvements and maintenance.

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